Friday, December 15, 2017
Advanced Announcements
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Advanced Announcements
Show and Syndicate your announcements like never before...

We've taken the standard DNN announcements and said to ourselves...

....we can build it stronger, better, faster.

and thus, ByDesign has come up with Advanced Announcements.


  • Advanced RSS Feeds - including setting the channel title and description of your RSS Feeds.
    • Multiple Feeds are available including - individual items, new announcements and all announcements.
    • Announcements can be optionally removed from all RSS Feeds.
    • RSS Feeds are controlled from a HttpModule - no more needing to use File Manager to get your RSS Feed to work!
  • Ability to place any image beside your announcement - we've included some nifty ones - but any image can be used.
  • Announcements can scroll instead of just displaying them on a page.
  • An additional module provides the ability to sort / filter and view expired announcements.
  • Additional calendar module linked to search and view announcements modules.
  • Announcements Shadowing - allows different views of your announcements from one announcements into many different spots of your website.
  • Single Announcement Module - allows your tab redirect to display the full announcement text on another tab - provides your site with continuity of information as the user navigates your website.
  • You can set up categories and sub-categories for your announcements.
  • An Announcement can link to a tab or to an external URL.
  • Use the FreeTextBox to edit and maintain your announcement detailed text.

The ByDesign Advantage—as with other ByDesign Modules—we upgrade our packages and modules, and provide a richer functionality with no cost to you, our clients.

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Custom Module Package (PA):Yes
Database Compatibility:SQL Server
Platform:DNN versions 2.12 and above
Souce:VB.NET source is included with this package.
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