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Portal Store 6.6
Portal Store E-Commerce Management System for DotNetNuke Versions 2 and beyond....More Details
List Price:$ 149.96 USD
Sale Price:$ 120.00 USD
Save:$ 29.96 USD (19.98%)
20 Domain Access License (DAL)
License an additional 20 domains--on the same installation of DotNetNuke or as individual license files....More Details
Price:$ 225.00 USD
Enhanced Feedback
Advanced E-Mail Feedback form. Unlimited Custom Fields to tailor your feedback from the more traditional DNN Feedback form with ease......More Details
List Price:$ 14.96 USD
Sale Price:$ 12.11 USD
Save:$ 2.85 USD (19.05%)
Spider Crawler 2.0
Spider Crawler 2.0 - More Optimized Search Engine Crawling for your DNN portal environment......More Details
List Price:$ 18.71 USD
Sale Price:$ 15.49 USD
Save:$ 3.23 USD (17.23%)
Site Track - Advanced SiteLog for DNN
Advanced SiteLog Replacement for DNN. Monitor your portal statistics like never before!...More Details
List Price:$ 44.96 USD
Sale Price:$ 37.09 USD
Save:$ 7.88 USD (17.51%)