Friday, December 15, 2017
Guestbook 1.0
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Guestbook 1.0
GuestBook support for your DNN Portal...

Allow your visitors to leave comments in regards to your site. 


  • Cookie based tracking so that users cannot “pump“ your guestbook.
  • Admin can delete entries from the guestbook
  • Registered Users and Non-Registered Visitors can leave comments.
  • GuestBook comments can optionally include site rating from (no rating) to a 5 star super site!
  • Optionally show all guestbook entries or only the last month's entries.

RSS Enabled - show your guestbook entries anywhere!


  • Includes ByDesign's Email validation for the email address entered.
  • Includes ByDesign's RSS/XML newsfeed to allow you to show your guestbook entries on other areas of your site, or other sites.
  • Allows for non-registered users to leave comments about your site, and allows them to assign a rating.
  • Guestbook entries can be locked so that an user can only leave one comment (for a period of up to a year—or they delete their cookies—whichever comes first)
  • GuestBook can be customized with a CSS stylesheet (included)
Custom Module Package (PA):Yes
Database Compatibility:MS SQL Server
Platform:DNN versions 2.12 and above
Source:VB.NET Included
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