Saturday, July 4, 2020 KeepAlive Service

Beta Release...

As a special add on to some of our premier modules, and also to provide a better capability for our own keepalive module, we've created our own service that executes from

Right now, it simply will pulse a request every nn minutes to your website - we encourage you to get our keepalive module to crawl your site and activate any and all module caching that may occur after a recycle.

You can add up to two servers, each server you fill in the following information:

  • Server Name - this is the identifying name you wish to describe your server as.
  • Server Url - this is the url to your home page (full http syntax please), ie:
  • Agent Header to use - This allows you to set the agent header from our standard default for your reporting purposes.
  • Frequency - the frequency in which DNN-Modules will pulse a request out to your website (minimum of 20 minutes).
  • Send Notification Email if site not reachable - if this is enabled, if we've encountered a problem accessing your website (ie: a 4xx response error, or a 5xx server error) we will automatically notify you via email.
  • Notification Email To - the email address in which you want the email sent to.
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