Friday, December 15, 2017
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Ever show off your site to your spouse, friend, boss or client and find out that it takes forever to load? So we've made KeepAlive...

Ever show off your site to your spouse, friend, boss or client and find out that it takes forever to load?

If your site is inactive for a period of time, ASP.NET garbage collection restarts itself and removes the dll's from memory.  Thus the first request must load all the dll's and start up the application.

Brutal if you are in the midst of an important demo to show off the features of DotNetNuke's great and powerful Content Management System.....

.................thus we have made KeepAlive.


This module sits nice and quietly on your home page (minimized without the module title) and starts a thread to keep your ASP.NET and DotNetNuke nicely settled in memory and your modules cached elegantly (if you have enabled module caching).  Every now and then Keepalive fires off an http request to your server just to say..hello I'm alive, keep me running.  If you want, Keepalive can walk through your entire site to make sure your ASCX compiles are in memory, and all your cached modules are nicely cached.  Thus ASP.NET never slows you down.

Murphy's Law dictates that yes, ASP.NET will remove your DLL's from memory at the worst possible time, and version 1.1 of Murphy's Law states that Murphy was an optimist.  We can only pray that the 2.0 version of Murphy's Law isn't even more optimistic!

Your site will always quick to start (unless of course your ISP drops your server—sorry we don't provide server pillows).

KeepAlive 1.1 now includes support for Windows Authentication and improved logging and exception management.

If you want the source, just request it at the time of purchase, and I'll fire it off to you—otherwise, it's a load and go Private Assembly.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Use keepalive across more than one server—talk to your buddies running their DNN sites to have keepalive talking to yours—great for always making sure your site never burps.
  • Use the “All Tabs“ feature of keepalive.  The reason?  Other modules that are private assemblies will not load until they are invoked—and your module cache won't be in memory.  This is why some pages seem to hesitate on first load.  Especially with DNN 2.x's caching functionality, having keepalive constantly running through your site maximizes DNN 2.x's great caching capabilities.
Custom Module Package (PA):Yes
Database Compatibility:KeepAlive does not add anything to your database -- it will run on any DNN supported database.
Platform:DNN versions 2.12 and above
Source:Available on request
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