Friday, December 15, 2017
Contact Manager
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Contact Manager
Contact Manager for recording address and phone information. User Contact Card module, import registered users from the portal, mutiple contact lists, and much more....

Newest Features:

  • Personal Contact Manager option (users see only their contacts)
  • New Field: Organization/Company Logo
  • New Option: Show All by default
  • New Option: Allow delete by role
  • Allow users to add and remove thier hierarchy entries
  • Fully customizable contact details
  • Fully customizable User Card display
  • Control visibility of search options
  • Add and display contact by adding hierarchy information

Other features include:

  • Allow site users to add and manage contacts
  • Manage multiple contact lists
  • Easily move lists from one module to another
  • Organize contact information
  • View in MS Excel
  • Search functions
  • Contact grouping
  • Add pictures
  • Import portal users

User Contact Card Module:

  • Displays the user's contact entries in a card view
  • A great way to personalize the portal for users
  • Users can update their contact profiles without full access to Contact Manager

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