Friday, December 15, 2017
Form Creator 1.5
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Form Creator 1.5
Easily add custom forms to the DotNetNuke. Form submissions are stored in the database and sent on mail. Includes file upload fields and more...

Easily create web forms and surveys for your portal.

Create and change forms from the module interface. Form Creator stores all the data submitted in the database automatically ...without you having to make any database changes.

Form results can also be sent on e-mail, in addition to storing them in the database.

There are helper modules included that allows you to review all the form entries. They can also be viewed in Excel.

Great for quickly creating:

  • User Input Forms
  • Surveys  
  • Voting and Polls
  • Feedback forms
  • ... any type of user input form


  • File Upload fields
  • FreeTextBox fields
  • Calculated (Sum) Total fields
  • Custom Query String values can be set and captured for gathering additional form data
  • Form results sent to user after form submission
  • Required Fields
  • Form Visibility Date Range
  • Customizable Form Header Message
  • “Intro” Screen (customizable HTML)
  • Customizable “Thank You” Screen
  • Redirect URL after form submission
  • Individual Form Tracking and Reporting
  • Form Results Viewable by “Role”
  • Bar charts for results for survey reporting
  • Login requirement options
  • Single submission per user option

Field Types:

  • Radio Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Drop-down boxes
  • Textbox fields (single & multi-line)
  • FreeTextBox fields
  • File Upload fields
  • Comment fields
  • HTML areas in forms
  • User drop-down list
    • List of users by Role
    • Names can be displayed as: E-mail, Name, or Nickname
Custom Module Package (PA):Yes
Database Compatibility:MS SQL Server
Platform Compatibility:DNN versions 2.12 and above
Source Included:Yes
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