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Portal Store 6.6
Portal Store E-Commerce Management System for DotNetNuke Versions 2 and beyond.

Portal Store


  • Portal Store is arguably the largest application commercially developed under the DNN platform, supporting any major release of DNN from Version 2 to Version 5.
  • Consisting of over 250 controls and over 60,000 lines of code to create a sophisticated store front software for your DNN platform.
  • Portal Store generously comes complete with a server license and application source.
  • Portal Store uses BDPDT to provide "single application" source no matter what major version your DNN is currently running.
  • No other Store System can offer supportability using same source code over any wide variety of DNN platforms like we do.  This assures you that we will support your major version of DNN - now, and in the future.


  • Portal Store is a server based license. You can use portal store on as many portals or DNN installations that you own under one physical server.  Regardless of domain names, or DNN installations.

User Interface Ease of Use

  • Portal store can be used just by using one module for the straightforward installations.  Portal Store has other, secondary modules that allow you to fully integrate Portal Store throughout your website.
  • Portal Store is fully tool tipped with instructions on the various options and capabilities that are available to you.


  • Multiple Catalogs per store each with varying:
  • skin layouts
  • price display choices
  • Price Adjustments per catalog
  • Enable MSRP pricing for the catalog
  • Each catalog has a master category and then hierarchical sub categories underneath it.
  • two stage (work on catalog .. then publish for view to allow catalog work to be performed before the customer sees the new catalog items)


  • Distinct separation between the shippable bundled package and the individual inventoried products that are consumed with the order of the package.
  • Packages can contain options which govern options for the bundled package separate from inventoried items.
  • Packages can have discounts based upon the prior sale of other packages.
  • Packages can have quantity discounts
  • Packages can have multiple images, either in a gallery view or as a slideshow.
  • You can set up in the store settings automatic SKU generation for SKU standardization.


  • Products are inventoried elements contained in a package. they can consist of Digital Downloads, Subscriptions,


  • Products can be optionally included in inventory.
  • Settings at the store level control warning thresholds and absolute thresholds for product inventory
  • Settings at the catalog level control whether or not items without inventory are displayed
  • Settings at the Store level control on WHEN a inventory item is deducted (ie: on a pending order, or when the order completes or ships)

FAQ's and Reviews

  • FAQ's and Reviews are enabled in the store.
  • You can set the reviews to only be from users that have purchased the item.

Referrals (awards programs)

  • Optionally use a random generated Id or the user's email address as the referral id.
  • Set the referral % at the store level.
  • Automatically add referred users to a specific security role after order completes.
  • Referral Terms and Conditions can be mandatory to accept prior to enrolment.
  • Referral Payment methods can be chosen from the following:
    • Bank Transfers, PayPal, Store Credit, Check
    • Referral Signups can select:
  • Direct html links to specific catalog items, catalogs, catalog categories.
  • "Remote Ad serving" such as what Google Adwords has to display content on ANY website (HTML or other)

Wish Cart (WishList functionality)

  • Store settings control the "relations" to the customer ie: Parents, Grandparents, Brother, Sister
  • Store controls whether contacts are mandatory

Digital Downloads Support

Portal Store is tailored for the digital downloads from purchases.  Offering several different methods to support file delivery to your customers.  A standalone tailored download module, support for Snowcovered's ION Processing, automatic shipping status change upon download, max download attempt and download attempt logging.

Portal Store Shipping

Provider based.

  • Portal Store provides shipping for:
    • Basic weight based shipping
    • Basic unit count shipping
    • netShip shipping
  • Portal Store also supports shipping tracking via the .netShip provider, or manual entry of html links to specific tracking information
  • Fallback calculations if online shipping rates not available.
  • Portal Store will also work with the shipping provider to provide shipment tracking online, or manually for your customers.


  • DNN's most sophisticated Multi-Currency enabled application
  • Portal Store's multi-currency supports:
    • real time rates with % or fixed price adjustment.
    • Day Rates at a specific time of day
    • Selectable currency choices
    • Manual currency rate entry

Tax Setup

  • Taxes are by Country / Region with fallback

Payment Methods included with Portal Store (default):

  • Manual Credit Card Processing
  • Manual non-credit card orders
  • COD Orders
  • PayPal
  • 2Checkout
  • Authorize.Net
  • netCharge

Compliance - Visa / Mastercard

  • Credit Card #'s are only stored as per compliance rules for the lifespan of the order transaction. After which, the sensitive financial data is removed to prevent possible misuse and compliance hassles.
  • Portal Store stores temporarily the credit card # and the CCV #, the Credit Card number is changed to the last 5 digits only, and the CCV number is removed after processing completes.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Portal Store has a separate site list optimized for spiders to crawl through your catalog.
  • Each catalog, master category and sub-category can set it's own meta tags for title, description and keywords
  • Each catalog item can set it's own title, description and keywords metatags

Image / File Management

  • Images can be resized, watermarked, either by batch or singularly.
  • Images can be uploaded one at a time, or by batch.
  • Images are resolving, ie: a package image will ripple down to the catalog item displayable image, if none exists for the catalog item.
  • Separate images can exist for what the user sees on the catalog browse, versus the item details.
  • Images in the item details can be displayed using a slideshow, or with a thumbnailed list.


  • Skin Themes control the presentation of images, layout, stylesheets, and html rendering templates.
  • Catalog Item skin can have many various objects, and objects can be added without programmatic change to Portal Store.

Order Processing Rules and Checkout Rule

  • Optionally set at the store level
  • Maximum First Order Amount
  • Minimum Time between first and second order.
  • Maximum second order amount.
  • Maximum order amount.
  • Email domain Extension validation
  • Bill to / user's country matching
  • Maximum Pending orders
  • Maximum Failed Orders
  • Block specific email addresses, IP addresses, Credit Card #'s, Names
  • validate email hostname
  • selectable list of valid hostnames
  • Limit countries to a selectable list for Bill To / Ship To.
  • Force mandatory telephone number and/or region.
  • Automatic User registration and option subscription to security role on order.
  • Settings for automatic mailing list enrollment into Email Manager.
  • Order and Payment Emails fully templated.
  • Choose on what Order and Payment statuses you wish to send out emails.


Provider Architecture

  • Portal Store uses advanced Providers to control;
    • Payment
    • Shipping
    • Payment Status
    • Import Sources
    • Import Targets

Application Integration

Site Track

  • Portal Store sends application Events to site track to assist with tracking and reporting on Portal Store activity.

Email Manager

  • Portal Store integrates with Email manager to provide automatic mailing list subscriptions during checkout.

Snowcovered ION Processing

  • Portal Store integrates with Snowcovered's ION Processing to allow for automatic updates to your site from Snowcovered sales.

Additional Modules included with Portal store

  • Dynamic Featured Module. Intelligently display featured, recommended, related, related user purchased items while a user navigates through the store.
  • Dynamic Content Module. Dynamically control text prompts for promotion, instructions to your customers as they navigate through store.
  • SLL Module - Portal Store includes an advanced SSL module to control your DNN website's handling of SSL.
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